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- Chinese Astrology Meets Western Astrology

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Each month has duration between 28 and 31 days. On the other hand, the western calendar is designed according to how the earth orbits around the sun. These are represented by the constellations. That is one unique blend of the east and the west when it comes to consulting astrology.The western version has four elements: fire, air, water, and earth with three signs associated to each of them. It makes sense for each culture since the easterners stress the differences in their line of generations while the western societies are more focused on the psychological side of everything. The 12 animals that finished the race were assigned to each sign also known as zodiac. People born under the fire sign are most likely to be stimulated by excitement while water people are inclined to form emotional ties.

Chinese Astrology Meets Western Astrology.Astrology has always been a fascinating subject for people despite the complexities that accompany it.CalendarsThe twelve-month system is adopted by both the Chinese and western calendar.Astrological signs and iconsThe system of astrology developed by the Chinese has 12 signs represented by mythical characters whose origin started from a myth. In their lunar calendar, a 2-year period is assigned to each element to rule over their lives. The metal people are focused in maintaining order around them. Each month has approximately 29 days. They offer two viewpoints with the same purpose of giving guidance to astrology buffs. That is why aside from Chinese astrology people are also getting familiar with other types of astrology. Although many cannot claim to have broad knowledge about astrology, some people still consult it for enlightenment. As the legend goes that while God was in the process of making a calendar, all animal creatures were called to compete in a race. Earth type people are concerned with securing themselves and those people born under the wood element are the adventurous type.

The western astrology uses months to separate theirs and put people into groups based on these months. The Western astrology, on the other hand, also uses zodiacs that are based on seasons.The Chinese astrology works with a different system from the western astrology..The elementsThe Chinese believes that the world is made of five elements: fire, water, earth, wood and metal. However, where does the difference lie?It is true that there are several types of astrology, but the most popular are the Chinese astrology and the western astrology. As claimed by many, astrology can interpret the past and present circumstances and can give a glimpse of the future. Under the western astrology, fire people are spontaneous and aggressive while people under the air sign are the intellectual type. The Chinese sheet metal laser cutting calendar is based on the phases of the moon. Appropriately, it is called the lunar calendar with each month beginning with a new moon. These signs stereotype the prevalent psychological make of each group.

There may be similar features for both of these types, but there are also differences that people engaged in astrology need to know in order to find out how the east and the west aluminum laser cutting interacts with the cosmos. Which is more accurate to use? Is it necessary to choose one? Why dont astrologers just consider both of them? Let us see what happens when the Chinese animals are made to race under the influence of the constellations.Division of time frameIn the eastern astrology, signs are divided by years. It believes that those people born in the same year possess similar character and personality traits. The difference lies on where they base their cycle. Water people are emotional as compared to the practical trait of the people with the earth sign

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